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crisis of the new generation

Provides tax-free financial resources to a spouse and children should the unthinkable happen.

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Why do I need Life Insurance?

There are many reasons for buying life insurance. If you’re the primary wage earner in the family, life insurance is a good way to help provide your family with a stable financial future. If you aren’t the primary wage earner in your family, it’s important to have insurance to help cover the financial burden of childcare, funeral expenses, and other unforeseen costs.

While it’s difficult to face our own mortality, planning for it can ease the burden our loved ones will face later. Purchasing life insurance can help make a difficult situation easier by providing death benefits for:

  • Income replacement for survivors
  • Unplanned or emergency expenses
  • Your mortgage balance
  • Future education funds for your children
  • Unpaid medical bills
  • Final expenses like burial costs

Remember, you can also use some life insurance products:

  • To help you establish an estate plan
  • As a component to your savings strategy
  • For retirement income
  • Even to pay for estate taxes


What should I consider when buying Life Insurance?

Every person has a different idea of what financial security means. If something should happen to you, how much money would your family need? You should consider:

  • Your current debt
  • Expenses your family can expect to pay after your death
  • Your family’s future needs

A general rule of thumb to calculate your life insurance needs is to multiply your annual salary by seven.

Once you’ve determined how much life insurance you need, the next step is to choose the right company and understand your coverage options.


Permanent Life Insurance

Protect your family and loved ones with affordable coverage that provides the peace of mind in knowing they will be secure if you’re not around. Permanent life coverage protects you forever, so there’s no worries it will ever expire. It’s the perfect tax-free solution for many financial planning needs. Best of all, rates are guaranteed never to increase. Our plan recommendations are based on utility and value, not just price, so you can be sure you’re getting the best plan for your unique needs.

Types of Permanent Life Insurance:

  • Whole Life Insurance – provides permanent coverage with a guaranteed death benefit and level premiums. Plan gains value over time and is subject to investment gains and losses.
  • Universal Life Insurance – provides permanent insurance with an optional tax sheltered investment component. Death Benefit can be level or increasing making this an excellent option for estate preservation and maximization.

Many of Canada’s uber-rich have used insurance to reduce the tax exposure on investment income. 

Universal Life Policy vs RRSP



Term Life Insurance

The ideal solution for a temporary need when a little has to go a long way. Term insurance provides maximum coverage on every premium dollar for a specified period of time. Although term insurance doesn’t last forever, it can provide excellent coverage for immediate, temporary needs. Our plan recommendations are based on many dimensions of consumer value to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


In Canada, the major life insurance companies have been in operation since about 1870, selling insurance policies and paying claims.


Does your life insurance policy……………..

  • “Guarantee” Your Family/Beneficiary a Tax Free Compounded Rate of Return Between 6 % ***and 50% ***+ After Tax Upon Death?

  • “Guarantee” To Get Back 100% Of Your Premiums Paid + 4% Compounded Return On Your Money After Tax, Should You Decide To Cancel It?

  • “Guarantee” That Your Investments Will Never Lose The Principal Invested, While Providing The Growth Potential Of The Market?

***based on a 45 Yr Old Male Non Smoker & Life Expectancy to age 80


Ask us about?

How you can get Revenue Canada (CRA) to pay for your Life Insurance?

How you can increase your present insurance without cancelling your present policy & pay the same premium?



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