Business Risk Management


Business Collateral Loan Insurance

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Business collateral loan insurance is designed to secure the funds necessary to pay off a loan or a business debt obligation to a lending institution.  This type of plan is best suited for businesses seeking credit for the purpose of operating or expanding business.

Reduce the Net Cost of your Company’s Collateral Insurance!

A life insurance policy is an excellent tool that can be used to create a tax-advantaged account.  This account is under your control while you are alive, (subject to the collateral assignment to the lender) and is paid out tax-free to cover the amount of the loan on death.  Any remaining balance will be payable to your beneficiary.  This means you not only achieve a tax deduction for a portion of the cost of the insurance policy, but you avoid paying income taxes on the growth in the account as well!


Key Person Insurance

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Uses life insurance policy to help you protect your business from the costs that result from the death of a key person. Generally, it is not possible to avoid the risk of losing a key person to disability or death.  And the cost of losing a key person would be a significant burden on your business.

Key person protection is a cost-effective way to ensure the continued viability of your business in the face of a specific risk.


  • The success of your business depends on its people.
  • Most businesses have key people whose contributions are critical to the performance of the business.  These are often customer relationship managers or technical experts, or owner-managers.


  • Key Person Insurance


Buy-Sell Agreement

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A buy-sell agreement helps to provide funding at the precise moment required to execute the instructions in a buy-sell agreement.

A buy-sell agreement is best suited for:

  • business owners
  • partners
  • shareholders

Buy-sell agreement is the key to a successful business succession plan.


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