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At CWF Group, we help you retire with confidence.  We have expertise in helping you prepare to leave the workforce and enter the next exciting chapter of your life.

Some of the questions pre-retirees often come to us with include;

  • How much will I need in retirement?
  • Am I saving enough?
  • When can I retire?
  • When should I begin taking Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security?
  • How much should I have in income producing investments?
  • Will we need to make adjustments to our standard of living?
  • How do I tap equity in my home if I need to?
  • How do we protect and transfer our estate?
  • How can we create a family legacy?

Through our Advice Process, we’ll create a detailed financial plan that will give you a road map to retirement … and beyond. Additionally, we’ll create an Investment Plan and manage your investments to combat the three biggest threats to a long and enjoyable retirement:

  • Longevity Risk – The risk of running out of money before you run out of life.
  • Inflationary Risk – Increasing your income annually to keep pace with the rising cost of health care and other expenses is critical.
  • Investment Risk – Determining the investment mix that is just right for you so you can sleep at night is one of the most important parts of retirement planning. Too much market risk and you may sell out of your portfolio during bad times, and too little market risk you may run out of money during retirement or not have enough income to pay for your desired lifestyle.

CWF Group lends clarity to these questions and so many more. To find out more click here to speak with one of our specialist.