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Our client relationships mirror our long-term investment philosophy in many ways. And though it may feel strange to discuss your finances with someone new, remember, the initial meeting is only the beginning. This face-to-face discussion is just the starting point to a lifelong relationship with your financial advisor, and one that can help you reach your financial goals.

Please visit the “My Appointment” page prior to your appointment.

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our standards

AOur Culture

CWF exemplifies integrity, honesty, trust and professionalism. Along with a strong vision of the future based on always doing the right things for our clients, we strongly believe in having an atmosphere of working with like-minded people who share our sense of purpose.

BOur Clients

Our clients consists of business owners, professionals, retirees, and families. Each person has unique needs and circumstances that cannot be fixed with a cookie-cutter approach. Every client enjoys personal attention and customized solutions that cement lifetime relationships.

COur Strength

CWF is a strong and well-capitalized company with a diversified balance sheet. Our advisors form one of the largest exclusive life, health and wealth distribution channel in Canada. The financial success and stability of our Canadian operations helps us fuel further expansion in other parts of the world.

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