Affiliate Referral Rewards Program for Industry Professionals


Simplifying Your Business.


Are you an existing Mortgage Agent, Broker, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Agent, Financial Professional?  Are you looking for more ways to enhance your Business?  Contact us today to learn about our Affiliate Referral Rewards Program.

“Great minds think alike.  Over the years, over 100 Advisors / Brokers / Agents from Sun Life, London Life, RBC, Co-operators, Home Life, Century 21 etc. have joined our Affiliate Referral Rewards Program.”

As you develop your career, your business model may need to evolve to give you the capacity to grow.  We have the knowledge and resources to help you identify opportunity within your current business.

What do you do when your clients have been declined for insurance?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly and easily fill gaps with accessible niche products to meet your clients’ needs?

CWF Group can help you help your clients with niche products tailored for those situations where appropriate solutions are not available in traditional markets.

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We can help your clients with the following challenges:

Unique Borrowers – Bad Credit, Bankruptcy, Income Issues, Self Employed, Mortgage or Tax Arrears

Complex Investment Demands – unique investment solutions

Medical Declines – for both Life and Disability

Termination with Severance – DI for employees forced to look for new employment

High Limit – Income Replacement, Key Person and Buy Sell disability coverage

Older Ages – Disability Insurance for those Age 65 and over

Travel – sickness, injuries, AD&D, etc. for Canadians traveling to any country

Residency DI & Personal Accident coverages for Canadians living anywhere

Unique Occupations – DI for Actors, Entertainers, Athletes, Pilots etc.

Short-Term Needs – DI, Life, & Personal Accident, for short periods of time

Risk Specific Needs – Coverage for exclusions in Life and DI policies

We are “The alternative solution providers”

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We’re constantly striving to offer our partners effective solutions to help them grow their business while offering support to their clients.  We take an innovative approach when working with clients and recognize that meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success and feel that this program will help us maintain, attract and build relationships today – and in the future.

Maintain your current business relationship with your current company while earning extra cash on the side.


Benefit Standards

  • Confidentiality – Your identity and all client information remain anonymous.
  • Simplicity – Affiliate Program like ours don’t require any fees and are easy to set up.
  • Decline or Rated Cases – We have experience dealing with the hard to insure and we will survey the marketplace with our advanced underwriting and management services to find the best fit at the best price to give your clients a second chance.
  • Competitors – We can accompany you on challenging sales calls and match your competitor with the same or a better product that they are offering so you don’t lose your client.  Improve your business and learn everything your competitors know.
  • Open Market Products (Mortgage, Travel, Personal Health, Group Insurance) – We can provide products your company does not have to help complement your business product line offerings making it more complete.
  • Comprehensive Portfolio – Life, living benefits, group plans and investment products available for your clients.
  • Highest Compensation Grid – No minimum business requirement.


Like our program?  Refer your colleague or client to us by joining our Affiliate Referral Rewards Program and earn a recurring bonus for every colleague or client referred.

If you would like to learn more about our Affiliate Referral Rewards Program please send us your contact information so that we can begin to explore a mutually beneficial relationship.


 Download CWF Group Affiliate Referral Rewards Program Flyer below:

CWF Affiliate Referral Rewards Program Fact Sheet

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