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Planning for your retirement?

40% of us have no idea how much we’ll need for our retirement.

When planning for your retirement, it is important to establish your personal goals, since your personal goals will determine the size and shape of your financial goals for retirement.

CWF Group can help you in every stage of the planning process, by helping you determine how much money you’ll need to retire, what is the best ways to save your money, and how to manage your income now through to your retirement. Give us a call and we will help you develop an effective plan to achieve your retirement goals.


  • Create Retirement Goals
  • Plan for reaching your retirement goals
  • Assess current assets and their investments
  • Build up savings
  • Asset allocation
  • Asset protection
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Estate planning & protection



FRONTLINE | The Retirement Gamble

– Chapter 1 – The Retirement Crisis

– Chapter 2 – It Used To Be Much Easier

– Chapter 3 – “The Tyranny” of Fees

– Chapter 4 – Are Index Funds the Answer?

– Chapter 5 – Advisors or Salesmen?





Gradual Inheritance Strategy – to your Children(s) or Grandchildren(s)

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For some beneficiaries, receiving an inheritance – especially one of some monetary significance – can feel like a windfall. Proceeds from a life insurance policy or savings account are often distributed to beneficiaries in one lump sum payment. As generous as it may seem, does it make sense to hand it all over all at once?

The Gradual Inheritance Strategy is designed to provide a beneficiary with a series of guaranteed income payments over a period of time. This graduated approach is intended for those who are concerned about passing on large sum death benefits to a beneficiary who is young or inexperienced at managing money. This approach also provides beneficiaries with a controlled income stream to ensure that the money is not all spent at once.


Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA)

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A Retirement Compensation Arrangement or RCA is a trust registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It allows employers and individuals to make tax deductible contributions for the future benefit of designated individuals. The RCA has the highest level of contributions to a tax sheltered plan allowable by the CRA. Contributions to an RCA do not affect RRSP or Registered Pension Plan (RPP) contribution limits. The flexible settlement options of the trust allow beneficiaries control over the timing of income recognition.


  • Large annual contributions toward retirement savings
  • Age not a factor in determining contributions or distributions
  • Front and back leveraging (not recommended in most cases)
  • Assets are secured from creditors
  • Multiple individuals may participate in a single plan
  • Strategy for key employee retention (Golden Handcuff)
  • Large deductions reduce/eliminate corporate tax
  • Ideal for company principals taking more income than their current lifestyle requires

For the 2013 taxation year and onward, amendments to the Income Tax Act now allow for RCA payments to qualify for pension income splitting in limited circumstances.  “In general, the conditions that must be satisfied are the following:

  • the taxpayer is at least 65 years of age,
  • the RCA payments must be in the form of life annuity payments and be supplemental to a pension received out of a RPP, and
  • the RCA payments to be split cannot exceed a limit specified in the Act ($94,383 for 2013) minus the taxpayer’s other eligible pension income.”


Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

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An Individual Pension Plan or IPP is a defined benefit pension plan registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and the provincial regulator. It allows individual between the ages of 40 to 71 to substantially increase their retirement savings compared to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan or RRSP. Not only are the regular annual contributions greater than an RRSP, the expenses incurred in managing the assets are also tax deductible. This allows for further contributions to top-up the plan and maximize the assets available for tax-sheltered growth.


  • Larger regular contributions than RRSP (25-70% more)
  • Potential to purchase optional Past Service back to 1991
  • Additional contributions available for members who retire prior to age 65
  • Plan expenses are deductible by the plan sponsor
  • Assets are secured from creditors
  • Multiple individuals may participate in a single plan
  • Multiple corporations may participate in making contributions-obtaining the deductions
  • Plan surplus belongs to the participants

Insured Annuity

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Insured Annuity strategy is perfect for those who have entered into retirement or are approaching retirement. If you are cautious with your capital and prefer fixed-income investments, we recommend this strategy for you. It consist of two separate, but complementary products, which are:

  • a prescribed life annuity contract
  • an exempt permanent life insurance contract

The insured annuity strategy is specifically made for clients who:

  • have retirement assets invested in fixed income investments
  • express interest in preserving capital for heirs
  • want to maximize their after-tax on their retirement income

The insured annuity strategy offers:

  • guarantee income for life
  • preferential tax treatment of annuity income
  • permanent life insurance protection
  • the continuation of client control of their capital in a tax-advantaged life insurance policy
  • flexibility to change policy beneficiary, and coverage amount (subject to any underwriting requirements)
  • estate preservation from life insurance proceeds paid to beneficiaries at death (tax free)
  • eliminate probate fees on death benefit with named beneficiary other than the estate (not applicable in Quebec)



CWF Group is committed to providing comprehensive, reliable consultation to help you navigate the complex world for retirement planning.




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