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High Interest Savings & Chequing Accounts?

Managing your cash flow requires getting competitive rates of return on your deposits earmarked for the short and mid-term.  A high-interest bank account can ensure your short-term savings grow while remaining accessible.  At CWF Group Inc. we offer this facility through products with Manulife Bank.

A bank account like no other in Canada, the Manulife Bank Advantage Account pays you one of the highest premium interest rates on every dollar in your account, yet still offer you full access to your money.  Offered through Manulife Bank, Manulife Bank has five versions so you can choose the one that’s right for you:

  • Advantage Account
  • Business Advantage Account
  • $US Advantage Account
  • $US Business Advantage Account
  • Registered Advantage Account


Want to Discover a Mortgage Done Differently?

Traditional mortgages can trap you into a system of inflexible payments and control how quickly you can pay down your debt.

It’s time for the truth: There’s a better solution, and it’s Manulife One.

Uncover the Mortgage Truth.


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Manulife Bank (disclosure)

Advantage Account is offered through Manulife Bank of Canada.  Manulife Bank Advantage Account, Manulife and the block design are registered trademarks of the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it and its affiliates including Manulife Bank of Canada.