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Appointment Booked, Now What?

Please read the below prior to your appointment.

Congratulations for taking the first step in enhancing your financial success!

In order to make your financial appointment go smoothly and for us to give you the best service please take the time to read and complete the following prior to your consultation.

Step 1 – Read what you should expect from Your First Meeting

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Information you should know about your first meeting.

At your first meeting, your financial advisor will ask you about you.

  • about where you are now
  • about your expectations
  • about how you would like to live your life

Then they will conduct something called fact finding – they will ask about your personal circumstances and your attitude towards risk (whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor, or somewhere in between).

Don’t be surprised when your financial advisor asks for detailed personal information – they need it to put together your financial plan. They may ask for your:

  • age
  • current personal income
  • family income
  • future income (inheritances included)
  • insurance/risk management situation
  • day-to-day expenses
  • your family circumstances (number and health of dependants)
  • future expenses
  • assets and liabilities
  • tax paid and tax owed
  • current investments
  • state of health

You may want to also consider your goals and current financial position, including:

  • when you want to retire
  • how you want to educate your children
  • whether a second home, like a cottage, is important to you
  • do you have dependants you need to provide for, if you are unable to work or if you die
  • whether you have an up-to-date will
  • whether you are expecting any large expenses


Step 2 – Financial Planning Package

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If you have any questions regarding the documents you will be gathering, please don’t hesitate to contact us.