Young Family


Parents of young families juggle a lot: work, children, school, home and each other.  It can be difficult to find even the time to have a coherent conversation about planning for the future, much less actually do something about it.  This is where CWF Group can help.

Young families often come to us with the following questions:

  • What can we afford to spend on the purchase of a new home?  What are our financing options?  What might be best for us?
  • Are we saving enough to eventually, move into a larger home?  Move to a better school district?  Pay for university?  Fund retirement?
  • What might university costs be for our children?  What type of education savings vehicle should we use?
  • What employee benefits should we be taking advantage of to potentially save money such as salary sacrifice
  • How much Life Insurance should we have?  Who should it be on?  How much of it should be through my work-group insurance?
  • How much disability insurance do I need?  Should I purchase more than what’s available through my work?
  • What estate planning do we need?  Will a Will suffice?  Or should we be having a trust or powers of attorney?

Through our Advice process we take prospective clients through a Discovery Process that helps them (and each other) better understand the issues they are facing.  CWF advisors works with the family to draft an actionable Financial Plan based on their unique goals and desires.  We then help you execute each action item in a timely and efficient manner.


CWF Group lends clarity to these questions and so many more.  To find out more click here to speak with one of our specialist.